Routine Equine Dentistry – Float

Routine Equine Dentistry by Dr. Scott Marx

“Floating” is a masonry term that means to “smooth out,” as in smoothing the sharp enamel points on the outside of the upper cheek teeth and the inside of the lowers. There is, however, much more to routine dentistry than removing enamel points.

The competent equine dental practitioner performs a thorough examination and uses the examination findings to develop a treatment plan. The plan includes addressing malocclusions and other dental pathology, removing sharp enamel points, placing bit seats, buffing canine teeth, and aligning the incisors, if necessary. A dental chart is completed documenting the examination findings, the procedures performed, and future recommendations. A copy is given to the owner.

More appropriate terminology for complete and proper dentistry, rather than “floating,” may be the comprehensive float, occlusal equilibration, balancing the mouth, performance float, or odontoplasty. Regardless of the name you prefer, the comprehensive float goes way beyond a traditional “float.”


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    What’s the average charge for floating teeth?

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