Oral Surgery

Oral surgery can range from basic extractions to advanced surgeries that may lead to referral to a surgical facility. Tooth extraction is dependent on many circumstances including age, breed, tooth health and decay, infection, location in mouth, etc. All of above circumstances are considered when classifying the extraction as either basic or advanced.

Basic extractions can include wolf tooth removal, cap (deciduous or baby tooth) removal, or highly mobile, severely decayed tooth extractions in older horses. Advanced extractions are tooth removal due to decay, infection, periodontal disease, or fracture.

All potential extraction cases will be discussed at the time of the examination and radiographs will be recommended to ensure the best recommendation. Advanced extractions will be scheduled for a date following the initial appointment so appropriate time can be allotted for the procedure. We will also discuss follow-up examinations, aftercare, as well as post-extraction instructions to ensure recovery goes as smooth as possible.

Please keep in mind that we will do our best to schedule the extraction in a timely fashion and will do all we can to make sure we create a timeline that is tailored to the horse’s needs. Due to the nature of the extraction procedures we cannot guarantee a time frame for how long the appointment will last.

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